Client Success

Optimizing the client experience, ensuring your partnership

with TMS is successful as we help your institution meet your

stated goals and objectives

What is Client Success at TMS?

It's a philosophy that innovative tools, powered by experts in their field, work together to best help your school reach your business and financial goals. The Client Success Team at TMS is:

  • A highly experienced service team within TMS that serves as an advocate for your institutional needs, comprised of  Client Success Managers, Business Development Managers, and your Client Support Team  (available via phone and email) 
  • Responsible for the successful implementation of new products adopted
  • A resource which works alongside our Communication Campaign Manager to manage the facilitation of your  strategic plan for campus wide communications and delivers suggestions for maximum effectiveness
  • Responsible for providing direct oversight of joint initiatives
  • The group of experts which oversees the training of campus staff for self-service tools offered
  • Your service team- providing resolutions for all school-initiated inquires and service requests
  • Ultimately responsible for your overall satisfaction


Meet the Client Success Team

Top, left to right: Eliana Medina, Cristina Callahan, Todd Siebens, Jessica Nolin, Kelly Baldani, Scott Pavao

Bottom, left to right: Jennifer Lugini, Jeannine Assad, Ann Walsh

Client Success Team 2018.jpg

Meet the Business Development Team


Melissa Berube

Business Development Manager

Learn more about Melissa

Since 1997, Melissa has been working directly with schools to provide solutions that are tailored to each one. Melissa has a keen understanding of schools needs and will ensure the appropriate strategy is in place for your campus to meet your goals and objectives. She has helped countless numbers of schools with strategic plans to deepen product penetration across campus while providing best-in-class customer service. She is a graduate of Providence College and has a B.S. in Business Management.

Cheryl Cooper

Business Development Manager

Learn more about Cheryl

With over 15 years of nationwide experience within the education finance arena, Cheryl has helped hundreds of schools develop and implement strategies to help with recruitment, retention, collections, cash flow, and affordability. Cheryl has a keen understanding of all phases of our work with schools and brings with her a commitment to providing ongoing support to your entire school community. Cheryl is adept at developing new and expanding existing relationships with school administrators and staff, ensuring high customer service levels while developing strategies to increase efficiencies. Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Human Resources from Eckerd College.


Damon Magiera

Business Development Manager

Learn more about Damon

Damon ensures that our services are tailored to meet the needs of the schools we serve in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Damon has over ten years of direct account management experience with extensive sales and service experience. Damon has become proficient at guiding clients to meet their goals and needs through initiating “best practices” while personalizing programs to each client’s individual needs. He is a graduate of St. Anselm College and received his MBA from the University of Phoenix.


Gail Ferreira

Business Development Manager

Learn more about Gail

With over 20+ years of education finance experience, Gail brings a deep understanding and knowledge of student financial services operations, with significant sales leadership. As your Business Development Manager, Gail will work to ensure that we deliver quality products that maximize our partnership and minimize your time and resources. Gail earned her undergraduate degree in economics from Boston College and received her MBA in finance from Boston College Carroll Graduate School of Management.


Buddy Costa

Business Development Manager

Learn more about Buddy

Buddy has over 21 years of award-winning sales and service experience and works with schools to develop solutions that improve productivity while reducing costs. Buddy has experience in all phases of our work with schools, but with his keen ability to identify and understand the unique needs of administrators, he brings special insight to the strategic use of our payment services to reduce workload and expenses while accelerating cash flow. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama where he obtained a B.S. in Business.


Becky Hubbard

Business Development Manager

Learn more about Becky

Becky has best-in-class education and finance experience which includes 15 years within the education loan industry, finance marketing and academic management. Becky’s background allows her to fully understand and focus on the needs of your school. She will work with you to develop solutions tailored for your specific needs and to ensure satisfaction from implementation through customer service. Becky holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from California Lutheran University and has completed additional course work in Marketing and Public Relations at the University of California, Los Angeles.


Scott Delleville

Business Development Manager

Learn more about Scott

Scott, a graduate of Villanova University, joined Tuition Management Systems in 2007 as a Senior Account Executive, in which role he became very adept at employing a collaborative approach to tailoring solutions for TMS clients. Additionally, Scott also has over 10 years of marketing and sales management experience and is very adept at helping school administrators to benefit from the advantages of the TMS product suite. Scott looks forward to working with your school to develop and execute a strategic success plan that will best serve your entire school community.


Liz Meuse

Business Development Manager

Learn more about Liz

Liz works with your school’s assigned team to ensure that our services will continue to be tailored to meet their specific needs. Liz has experience in all phases of our work with schools, but with her keen understanding of the needs of students and families, she brings special insight to the strategic use of our payment services to enhance recruitment and retention. Liz brings a unique perspective to the education finance arena, as she has worked in higher education for almost 10 years. Liz received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati.


TMS is interested in hiring talented, agile individuals to join our team of experts.