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About CCU

Since 1924, settled high atop a hill overlooking Cincinnati, OH, Cincinnati Christian University is committed to providing an excellent educational, spiritual, and social experience for each student. As they go out into the world, graduates bring a Christ-like perspective to their home, their workplace and their community.*


Our Story:

Being a small private school with a traditional business office model, we have always seen the value of a payment plan and that was our first venture with TMS. We are a 20+ year customer and have come a long way from where we started. As technology and customer expectations have changed, TMS continues to provide a platform to meet the needs of our students and families. Our first expansion was offering online payment through payment portals. Next we added the TMS electronic billing solution and went “green.” We were also an early adopter of the TMS refunding solution which provides additional efficiencies and cost savings.

We like to think of ourselves as early adopters, so when TMS was able to integrate in real-time with Jenzabar EX, we were one of the first schools to implement the Student Account Center. We love the ability for students to seamlessly link from their Jenzabar self-service portal to the TMS Student Account Center to view charges in real-time, make payments and enroll/manage payment plans, invite third parties and then have those payments post to the student account all in real-time. Additionally, TMS also worked with us as we migrated our campus based version to a hosted version of Jenzabar. 

"SAC has enabled us to do more with less. As budget cuts and staffing changes have occurred we can still offer our students and families updated technology and quality service as it relates to managing their student account. “ 

Linda Waugh

Bursar, Cincinnati Christian University

Onward & Upward

We are now entering our third year utilizing the TMS Student Account Center. Students and families now seamlessly manage their tuition bill in one spot as well as enroll in a payment plan, pay a bill, view their account activity, make adjustments to their payment plan and more all in one place.

Our success goals include:

  • Self service options to lessen staff support needed to assist students and families
  • Fewer students coming to our office for assistance and inquiries
  • Less phone calls
  • Time saving automation

"We all have busy peak seasons, but now with SAC and all that it provides, peak seasons are just that - busy, - but not unmanageable.”

Linda Waugh

Bursar, Cincinnati Christian University

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