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"With our services streamlined in our new Student Account Center and Real Time Integration, we finally have everyone on the same page making the experience better for all involved.” Pam Maciulewicz, Bursar


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About Lewis University

Inspired by its Catholic and Lasallian heritage, Lewis University offers a values-centered curriculum, rich in the Mission values of knowledge, fidelity, wisdom, and justice and guided by the spirit of association which fosters community in all teaching, learning and service. Lewis provides 6,700 students with programs for a liberal and professional education based on the interaction of knowledge and fidelity in the search for truth.  Lewis is a dynamic, coeducational, comprehensive, Catholic university with a richly diverse student body, including traditional-aged students and adults of all ages.


Our previous situation

Before working with TMS, we were using another industry provider for billing, payment plans, Title IV refund disbursements and payment portals.  The technology of course was an improvement over manual processes but was not meeting the expectations of both our staff and students.  Data was not immediate, product modules presented differently and we were not providing a consistent, ease of use experience.

Additionally, an acquisition of our provider only seemed to slow things down in regards to an integrated solution and we were experiencing a decline in service levels.  It was at this time we began looking for a new solution and provider.

Moving to SAC

Our move to SAC was a phased approach as we were also in the process of converting our legacy SIS to Banner.  But we took the leap of faith and began our implementation with implementing the Student Account Center to include:  Payment Portals, Billing, Payment Plans, Refunding and 1098-T reporting.  Our implementation was well planned and well executed.  Working with TMS for implementation and training of the new systems helped to alleviate the stress of such a major change in our office.

When we began our data was still delayed, as we were using a batch process for updating.  However, one year later and upon the completion of our Banner conversion, we immediately went back to TMS for the implementation of Real Time Integration, which was by far the game changer in technology that we were looking for.

“With all of these new technology tools, TMS has really brought our office into the 21st century.”  

Pam Maciulewicz, Bursar

The After Effect:

SAC has improved our efficiencies and user experience on all fronts.  We now manage many student financial services in the SAC.  With the continued support and outstanding service and collaboration with TMS we have achieved the following:

  • A customer friendly, self service portal
  • Easy to use online payments
  • eBilling presentment with a clear concise bill format, reducing cost and man hours
  • Reduced effort to manage our TMS payment plans with the elimination of batch data updates replaced with real time updates
  • Compliant, robust Title IV refunding solution
  • Offering our families a better experience when paying for their education
  • More ease and convenience for staff with a real time view of balance and transaction information for students and staff
  • High level of service for our administrators and families


The Result:

"TMS has been a true partner, moving forward with Lewis University at our pace.  TMS is regularly bringing us new ideas for efficiency to accommodate changes in technology and industry regulations.  More importantly they listen to our needs and others.  They truly take the voice of customer seriously and help us to keep our students and staff “ON THE SAME PAGE”.

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