1098-T Processing


1098-T Processing

Tax season doesn't have to be tough! TMS can streamline and simplify your 1098-T process

Streamline your 1098-T process while creating efficiencies, reducing costs and ensuring compliance for this important function.  TMS provides 1098-T processing using the same security guidelines as all of our products, ensuring the utmost privacy of your students' information. TMS also transmits 1098-T information directly to the IRS as part of our standard functionality. 

1098-T processing with TMS

  • Saves money and time
  • Fully hosted, no software to install
  • Integrated electronic filing with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Paper or electronic distribution of 1098-T forms
  • Integrates with any file format or SIS package
  • Forms securely stored per IRS regulations
  • Post filing re-prints and correction processing
  • Best-in-class customer and client service


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