Tuition Billing Services for Education, Made Easy

TMS handles administration of the tuition billing solution, and will provide school-approved communication strategies for your families and students.
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Building a Better Bill

TMS handles implementation of the billing solution, saving your IT office valuable time and will work with you to create and provide school-approved communication strategies for your families and students.

Why TMS? Providing a tuition bill with easy-to-read formats and clear calls to action can result in more on-time payments for your school. Bills from TMS are built using more than 30 years of experience, allow for flexible design and include:

  • Prominent school messaging areas
  • Clear visualization of transaction information
  • Simple directions on how to pay
  • Access to affordability counseling should the payer need help with options to pay the bill
  • Options for eBill and paper format

Take a look at our free Billing eBook on Creating Bills that Prompt Payments!

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Developing a Payment Strategy

Paying tuition can be complicated. We can help.

Your tuition bills can direct students and families to contact our Education Payment Advisors for assistance with paying the bill by informing them about enrolling in a payment plan, or educating them about additional school-approved affordability options. See the Resources section below to watch a video on our affordability counseling. 

Is Your Campus Seeing Green?

We can help you transition your families to a environmentally-friendly, economic, “green” billing initiative, using school approved communication plans designed to inform and assist your families in making the transition to an eBill.

What are our valued customers saying?


“The University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) and UAA Community campuses are excited to utilize the TMS Student Account Center (SAC) as an effective tool for both students and staff. The SAC presents a user-friendly view of the student’s balance due by term and allows the bill to be settled in a “one stop” fashion. This is all available via single sign-on through our student portal so that the information is easily accessed within a familiar environment. One of our favorite features is that students can quickly and easily invite their parents/grandparents/spouse or others to gain access in order to get help in paying the bill!  Most important is the fact that the SAC has provided a significant improvement to the student experience as it reflects Banner data in a live and accurate manner. When students and their families have better clarity on the balance(s) due, they are more likely to pay the correct amount which, in turn, reduces the number of inquiries and corrective entries to be fielded by staff. This makes the SAC a “win-win” for both UAA students and staff alike. Last, whenever we’ve requested an enhancement or change, the TMS team has proven to be both responsive and professional in meeting our needs. It gives us great confidence to partner with a company that specializes in – and as a result, truly understands - the unique needs of the higher education industry.”

-Charlene Robertson, Accounting Services Manager

You've got questions. We've got answers.

How often can our school send bills?

As often as you need to. We follow industry standard best practices for billing, however, we are happy to work with your institution to create bills as often as needed to fit your requirements. 

What is the process?

TMS will work directly with your school to create an approved bill format. We handle all the implementation and heavy lifting. Your school simply provides us with an existing bill file and TMS delivers bills based on your selection of paper or eBill.

Does the billing solution offer real time integration with our Student Information System?

Yes, TMS offers real-time integration with the following SIS systems

  • Ellucian (Datatel, Banner, PowerCampus)
  • PeopleSoft
  • Jenzabar® EX and CX
  • Blackbaud®

We continue to onboard additional industry systems. Contact us to learn how we can integrate with your SIS.

Are paper bills available too?

Yes, we offer paper bills for any/all of your student constituencies, as needed by the school. The school may choose to offer eBill only, paper bill only, or a combination of the two.

Can our school create and customize our own bill?

Yes, our bill formats are flexible and we will work with your school to design a bill that meets your school's objectives. Our standard bill layouts are based on practices that have been proven to drive the most effective response rate and offer school branding, visualization of transaction information, and a highly visible messaging area which may include embedded hyperlinks.

Can families make a payment directly from an ebill?

Yes, each bill includes a unique school-branded link to access the bill payment presentment site. For direct access, links are emailed to students/approved payers to notify all payers that a new bill is ready for viewing and payment.

What reports are available?

Reports are available through our online Administrator portal, and include audit reports, subscriber reports, bill opened reporting and payment reports. Additional ad hoc reports are available through the Client Services Team. 

Will we have a dedicated representative to assist with implementation, set up and service?

Yes, our Professional Services Team will assist with implementation, set up, testing and any required training. Ongoing service to your school will be provided through dedicated customer service teams..

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