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Helping institutions make campuses more secure- financially, operationally, and physically.

Campuses nationwide are striving to bring safety and security to their staff and students while holding true to the mission of promoting personal growth and expression in an open learning environment, and it's no easy task! Technology has made campus safety achievable in discreet and unobtrusive ways, using tools that allow for ID management, visitor management, physical access control, automated attendance and more.

We are pleased to partner with ScholarChip, a renowned leader in smartcard technology, to incorporate into our solution set technology platforms that help colleges and universities ensure campus safety, optimize operations and increase student accountability, upholding our mission of helping students succeed and schools prosper. 

ID Manager 

Issuing The One Card

Card issuance is a unique combination of in-school hardware and cloud computing. Our high volume card issuance stations take photos, issue smart IDs, search card holder records and manage batch printing. This is complemented from the cloud, with anywhere - anytime web-based photography and print capability. Expand functionality to include open or closed loop stored value
cards that permit both Title IV and emergency loan funding with efficiency and FDIC insurance.

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Large Group and Building Check-In or Attendance

An intrinsic part of student retention and safety is knowing who is on campus and combining this information with classroom attendance to give a meaningful picture of class and school attendance patterns. Early intervention is possible before students lose interest and drop out. 

As students enter the building, they tap their smart ID cards onto a stationary or wheeled attendance kiosk. The Building and Large Group Check-In or Attendance Service captures previously uncollected data, gathering real time data for any location outside of a classroom. Automated alerts and messaging provide administrators with the tools they need to intervene.

Benefits Include:

✔ Enhances safety

✔ Identifies attendance patterns and supports intervention

✔ Real time and historical reporting and dashboards

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Secure Door Access

ScholarChip’s School Safety and Operations System combines physical access, academic attendance and other campus card-based functions into a true one-card solution. Door access is unfied at the database level, providing authorized student access via their smart ID card.

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Visitor Manager

Administrators have access to visitor data and can manage a visitor’s status from the web 24/7. Our visitor stations rapidly process visitors, capture staff-time and attendance, and issue key-chain style fobs to frequent visitors. We know that no two colleges operate alike; for flexibility, our visitor service is available in several software and hardware formats, including a self-service mode.

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You've got questions. We've got answers.

What can I do with the ID Card System?

Photograph, print and issue student and staff smart ID cards for an increased level of security and less opportunity for unauthorized duplication. The card's chip is a unique identifier, exclusively assigned to the individual student or employee.

Can the Card be used for Title IV refunds and other programs, such as workstudy?

Yes, the card functionality can be expanded to support an open or closed loop stored value card for Title IV refunds, workstudy disbursements, emergency loan disbursements, and more. 

What features can I add in down the road?

The ID card is the basic foundation for the entire suite of ScholarChip Student and Campus Safety solutions.  We believe Smart ID cards are a gateway to a broad array of school safety technology, i.e. building, classroom and bus attendance; secure door access; cafeteria purchases; visitor management; and mobile devices (all accessed and managed from one secure management site).

What is included with the ID Card System?

ScholarChip Card Issuance software (PC Version, two (2) year license), Zebra ZXP Series 3 Card Printer (Simplex, USB, with Contact/Contactless Smart Card Encoder), YMCKO 4-color print ribbon with topcoat (280 images/roll), ScholarChip Contactless Smart Card blanks (white, 200 cards/box), Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000.

How are “Smart ID cards” different from standard plastic ID cards?

Smart Cards feature advanced security elements such as signature and security encoding. They are contactless allowing users to simply tap a card reader to be counted. Once smart ID cards are issued throughout the school other safety technology can then be considered: i.e. attendance can be taken, secure doors open and lunch purchased.

Where is this available?

Continental US – TMS serves all states through regionally-based solution partners.

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