Easy Implementation

  • Requires little to no campus IT resources
  • No significant capital investment
  • No long applications to complete
  • Supports your existing business process

Simplify Payment Acceptance

Let TMS be the single provider for all your payment processing needs. Simplify payment acceptance while creating efficiencies and reducing costs for your business office and institution. We provide daily settlement capabilities and help your school adhere to PCI DSS compliance regulations while simplifying complex cost structions. Payment acceptance through TMS 

  • Is fully hosted and compliant to provide reduced risk on your behalf
  • Offers quick implementation with simplified underwriting requirements  
  • Helps your campus be ready for new emerging chip technology for EM (EuroPay, MasterCard® and Visa®)
  • Provides the ability to offer both in-peron card swipe with counter or mobile devices and card not present transactions
  • Allows for individual merchant accounts for your school and unique statement descriptors

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All Service, All Channels, All Methods, All the Time

TMS will work with you to develop a comprehensive payment strategy for your institution that leverages the right payment methods, available through the right channels, supported by communication strategies designed to promote better on-time payments.

Ensured Compliance

We help manage the complexities and ensure compliance with PCI DSS, Red Flag, NACHA Rules, network operating guidelines, as well as state and federal laws.  Because our solutions are fully hosted by TMS, you can reduce your exposure to risks associated with payment acceptance by eliminating the amount of sensitive payment information retained by your institution.

Additional Benefits

  • Customized account holder statements
  • Direct funds settlement
  • Multiple merchant IDs available
  • Utilize wherever you accept payments
  • Robust, easy to use on-line reporting
  • Student, family and school support

You've got questions. We've got answers.

How do the newest Visa® operating guidelines affect higher education?

If you are a higher education institution in a state where the assessment of an additional fee on certain credit card category code transactions are permitted by law, TMS offers Visa as a payment option in our TuitionCharge product.

Is the TMS payment acceptance program PCI DSS compliant?

Yes, our merchant processing solutions are compliant with PCI DSS standards, minimizing risk for your institution.

Does TMS provide payment acceptance hardware?

TMS can provide PCI complaint card swipe terminals or re-program your existing PCI compliant swipe terminals. These terminals can be used anywhere on campus for daily routine transactions as well as for specific uses such as a fundraising events.

How will the rates I pay be impacted by the Durbin Amendment?

Depending on the mix of cards presented at your institution, those savings can be significant compared to a single “bundled” rate.

The Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law in July 2010, authorizing the Federal Reserve Board to set limits on interchange rates charged by issuing banks may charge on debit cards. The law only regulated the rates on issuing banks with assets of $10 billion or more in assets. Although it did not directly impact the rates charged to merchants, it did lower the cost to merchant processors for certain debit transactions. TMS believes in a pricing model that is transparent and passes cost savings on to our clients. We will pass on the savings associated with Durbin regulated transactions on to your institution.

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