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About RISD

Founded in 1877, Rhode Island School of Design (or “RIZ-dee for the acronym RISD) is one of the oldest and best know colleges of art and design in the U.S.   Each year approximately 2,300 students from around the world pursue a creative, studio based education at RISD, which offers rigorous bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in 19 architecture, design, fine arts and art education majors1.

1 http://www.risd.edu/about/

The Before:

RISD began doing business with TMS in 2009, working with them to administer our tuition payment plan, as well as various online payment portals.  TMS helped us manage our payment plans each semester, in addition to several payment portals to assist us in collection of miscellaneous curriculum fees.

Our families had access to the TMS systems 24/7 online as well as extended hours of service from their contact center, but the biggest gap in the process was that the balance owed on our system seldom matched what was owed to TMS with the payment plan, leaving a balance due discrepancy questions and the need to get things to balance. 

Additionally we did not have a parent portal to access student account information which left a communication gap between students, parents and RISD, making things more difficult to balance accounts and causing frustration at times on more than one end of things.

The Transition:

The fear of the unknown was present, as change is not always welcome and many bumps can be experienced in a transition.  This was not the case with our implementation to the SAC.  We started with a kick-off call and the TMS team provided us with a timeline, roles and responsibilities for each stakeholder and we got to work.  Our SAC was implemented and integrated with our Datatel system in an easy to manage, phased approach.  During our implementation we also came upon a unique need, regarding our ability for Single Sign On capabilities, which TMS accommodated without issue or delay.  We are now beginning our second year in full use with SAC.

"Real Time Integration with the TMS Student Account Center was a win-win for all on our campus.  Once we transitioned to the SAC, tuition billing was easier, accuracy of data was available 24/7, student inquiries and phone calls were reduced and the SAC user portal was an easier and better experience for all: students, parents, and school staff."

Maria Stadanlick

Associate Director, Student Accounts

The After:

SAC has improved our efficiencies and user experience on all fronts.  We now manage our tuition billing in the SAC as well as our student accounts.  With the continued support and outstanding service and collaboration with TMS we have achieved the following:

  • Balance Accuracy
  • 24/7 access for both students & parents
  • Ability to compliantly communicate with parents
  • Reduced effort to manage our TMS payment plans with the elimination of batch data
  • Reduced cost and effort for tuition billing
  • Offering our families a better experience when paying for their education
  • More ease and convenience for staff

"Our favorite SAC feature is the ability to communicate with parents.  With FERPA compliant access that parents have to the students account as well as the real time accurate data, parents are informated as needed as well as students, eliminating lost translation or forgotten information for timely and accurate settlement of student accounts."

Maria Stadanlick

Associate Director, Student Accounts

The Result:

A true collaboration between partner organizations for success; a win-win for all.



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