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Freshman 101: Start With a Successful Orientation

What are the objectives of your orientation program for new students?

On many campuses, new student orientation is focused on familiarizing students with the campus, other students and their academic obligations.

This eBook details how effective orientation programs which include a collaboration among many departments on campus, including the business and financial department, helps to ensure that students understand upfront their financial obligations and how to make sure they fulfill their end of the deal.

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Providing Tuition Transparency

Why Families Need Actual Numbers and How Some Schools Are Providing Transparency

This ebook explores alternative solutions to minimize "sticker shock" making your school more affordable to a broader audience of prospective students.  You can also read about school pilots that have yielded success.

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Who's in Class?

Increasing Attendance Boosts Retention

This eBook details the link between class attendance and retention, and explores how colleges and universities can harness attendance programs to boost retention and improve student success and institutional progress.

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Higher Education Economics - Beyond Tuition

Can your institution live on tuition revenue alone?  Not surprising that it cannot when university expenses extend well beyond the sticker price to enroll, not to mention discounting.

Colleges and university leaders must consider additional sources of revenue, how to judge their economic health, how to collect funds owed and so much more.

This compilation authored by Inside Higher Ed includes articles on a range of these issues – and how different colleges and universities are handling them. 

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Defining and Improving Student Success

Who owns student success on your campus? Is it defined? Is it measurable?

Ownership of the issue of student outcomes or student success is still unclear, even as the demand for results increases.  This eBook examines the questions and some of the answers that challenge higher education in its effort to define measure and present the financial outcomes of their graduates while still promoting the academic and social benefits of higher education.

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Smart ID Cards Solving Problems for Higher Ed

Top 10 Reasons Why Smart ID is the Smart Choice

Smart ID cards can make campuses more secure and the attendance data they gather helps make administrative jobs more efficient and emergency management easier.

This white paper explains the technological advances in card technology including the evolution from a magnetic strip or bar coded ID card to the enhanced, improved functionality of smart chip technology for student IDs and more.

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A Guide Toward a Paperless Campus

How to Cut Costs and Boost Effectiveness by Going Digital

For  years, “going green” has been a conscious appeal to limit use of paper and save trees.  And while many colleges and universities have taken strides to be environmentally friendly and go paperless, monetary results -  rather than saved trees -  are simply more convincing reasons for business officers to make sweeping changes.

In this ebook the numbers speak for themselves by looking as a few examples of how schools have achieved significant cost savings with the process of digitizing.  If your campus is still printing and filing paper documents, download this quick guide to why you should reconsider and how you can start the process to paperless.

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Less Cash, More Ways to Pay

The Growth of Cashless Payments on College Campuses

In the near future little to no cash may be seen on higher education campuses.  From all-purpose campus cards to campus-wide mobile solutions, most institutions are in some stage of decreasing or altogether eliminating, use of cash on their campus.

This e-Book examines the implications of this shift to cashless with the insights from 3 case studies.

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Interviewing Skills for Managers

Systemic selection process for improved selection of candidates

This eBook focuses on helping managers improve their candidate selection batting average resulting in hires that are more competent in their jobs and committed to the organization. 

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Think the Unthinkable

Lessons learned through a career in law enforcement

What can university leadership do to prepare for crisis?  This eBook tackles the tough question in today’s unpredictable and many times unsafe circumstances.  Author Ed Davis details his approach to answering this question through his real life experiences and leadership over dangerous situations. 

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Campus Safety

Who is safe, when and where? 

For many students, parents, politicians and others, campus safety has emerged as a paramount issue. Of course they value colleges and universities as places of teaching and research, but they demand to know that institutions are doing everything possible to assure the security of everyone on campus.  The articles and essays in this eBook illustrate some of the complexities of campus safety.

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Moving Toward E-Communication

How to Monitor and Guide Digital Communication on Your Campus

How digital are you?  Rather than being wary of social media, email and other forms of online communication, campus administrators must embrace them.  College and university leaders can learn to manipulate e-communication for their own needs, as well as manage the use of campus digital networks to avoid misuse and liability. This eBook looks at making the move to e-communication and some best practices for communicating digitally.

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IT Workforce Recruiting and Retention

Insights From Recruiting and Staffing Experts

Why is hiring and retaining IT Talent so difficult?  The answer is simple Supply & Demand.

This eBook shares insights from recruiting and staffing experts on their experiences andbest practices, and their predictions of the strategies that will make the biggest impact on IT recruiting and retention for the future.

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Five Critical Aspects of a Refunding Program

Improve Service to Students, Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Drive Institutional Efficiencies

Over the course of the past few years, regulations and scrutiny surrounding the process of refund management has grown exponentially. From the new regulations set by the DOE, to articles published by U.S. PIRG and NACUBO, it has only become harder to identify your part of the bargain as an educational institution. Over the course of this eBook, we will outline how to bring your refund program up to speed with the latest principles and regulations.

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Teams and Teamwork

Getting a GRIP on Your Team

Teams have become the basic organizing unit in most organizations.  As that has happened, there have been hundreds of books and materials attempting to explain team success, team dysfunction and team processes.  This ebook will focus on observing teams in an attempt to “get a GRIP” on what is happening and why. 

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Making a Commitment to Affordability

Innovations in Higher Education

Looking beyond the headlines, the noise and the hype, the data is convincing; Investing in education is worth it. Families continue to believe in the value of a college education although, the traditional delivery models, and their associated costs, are being challenged. This eBook highlights innovations being pursued in Higher Education to meet the challenge of college affordability.

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Tuition Discounting

Effects on University's Performance

A recent study performed by faculty at Suffolk University attempts to answer the question of whether Tuition Discounting yields positive returns (attracting higher performing students, higher retention rates, higher enrollment yields, higher institutional rankings), or has it spiraled out of control leading to what economists refer to as Destructive Competition.

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Data Breach Detection and Defense

Making Your Institution Less Vulnerable

Higher Education in particular has become very vulnerable to data breaches. This industry faces unique challenges protecting data as many academic institutions strive to operate in a culture of open communication and collaboration among many constituents on campus.

This eBook addresses the unique challenges in Higher Education as well as a three step process to help improve cybersecurity.

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Succession Planning in Higher Education

A Practical Guide for Implementing a Plan at Your Institution

This ebook provides a definition of Succession Planning and some practical tools for implementing an initiative in an organization. The overall life cycle of the Succession Planning process is outlined and includes needs assessment, determination of scope, identification of High Potentials, a talent review process, methods for accelerating the development of High Potentials, and evaluation of Succession Planning efforts.

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Lessons from Retention High Performers

Successful Strategies and Best Practices

This report outlines successful practices among high-performing institutions that you may consider as you develop or refine your institution’s retention strategies.

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Conflict Management

Understanding and Expanding Your Conflict Management Styles

This eBook outlines key steps to achieve conflict competence which includes: knowing your own triggers and defining your responses to conflict, developing skills for a more collaborative approach and how to help team members develop constructive skills.

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Creating Bills that Prompt Payments

A Guide for Your Institution

Effective bills are designed to provide a call to action, prompt on-time payments, and provide important information. How do your bills stack up?

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How to Make the Most of Your Payment Plan

Helping Students, Helping Institutions

As costs increase, college may become out of reach for many students and families. But providing flexible options for funding an education —such as a monthly payment plan —can be a lifeline for many families, while also offering predictable revenue cycles for university business offices.  This eBook examines best practices in use at a number of schools today.

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How to Develop Your Unique Value Proposition

Determining and Sharing What Sets Your School Apart

The list of choices is growing.  It is not only the traditional campuses that you are competing with in this new age, but now add on for-profit colleges, online education, MOOCs and more. This eBook highlights some practices to help you redefine or laser focus your value proposition based on what has been done at other schools across the country.

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Communications at Work

Understanding and Being Understood in the Workplace

This e-book examines the critical elements of communications at work.  More specifically, it is concerned with personal styles of communication, with various channels of communication and with the settings and tools used in workplace communication. 

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Leading Institutional Change

Thinking, Planning, Enacting

Examine the drivers of change that are affecting your institution, assess the impact of those drivers and plan for the change needed to ensure the sustainability.  This eBook explores the forces of change, the readiness of the organization and the change managment process overall.

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Solving the PCI DSS Puzzle On Your Campus

PCI DSS – a fully loaded acronym that cannot be left from the vocabulary of anyone responsible for managing student financial services on campus. This eBook focuses on best practices that can be implemented at your institution.

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A More Strategic Approach to Payment Acceptance

A guide to help optimize your process

This eBook will present a guide to decision making in order to help your institution optimize your payment acceptance processes by balancing cash flow, reducing direct costs, easing workload and more.

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Why Today's Parents Clash with FERPA

And Best Practices for Communicating with Them

This eBook examines helicopter parents and how they can interfere with FERPA.  The author also provides 7 best practices for communicating with parents about FERPA.

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Helping Students Avoid Identity Theft

Facts, Figures and Recommendations

The threat of identity theft for college students is very real; in fact, this population is among the highest risk groups. This eBook, provides important facts about this ever growing crime, along with simple and practical preventative suggestions. Download and share this free eBook today!

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Five Critical Components (5Cs) for Building a Better Refunding Program

We suggest using the 5Cs of Refunding as a model to help guide institutions to make the best possible decisions on refund processing. These best practices are based on the mutual knowledge of TMS and its client schools. 

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A Guide to Managing Delinquency at Your School

TMS has provided details on the following best practices to help your school manage the delinquency process. These practices are based on the collective knowledge of TMS, its corporate partners and its client schools.

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Eight Best Practices to Build More Financially Literate, Money-Wise Students

Does it ever feel like your financial communications simply aren’t getting through to the students on your campus? If so, you’re not alone. Although challenging, there are workable solutions for communicating with today's college students about financial matters. Learn about eight best practices that are allowing colleges and universities to successfully communicate with students to help them stay in school.

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Ten Tips for Creating an A+ RFP Document

In this eBook, we provide our very best “need to know” tips from our archives of student financial services RFPs that we feel will help you create an A+ document, ensuring you receive informative responses to make your decision process easier.

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