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Affordability Counseling 

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See how the Education Payment Advisors at TMS can assist your students and families in answering many frequently asked questions, as well as, provide them with information on how to build an education payment strategy, if needed.

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TMS Student Account Center

The TMS Student Account Center (SAC) is a robust, intuitive student account management tool to help your school and students have 24/7 access to outstanding balances, transaction histories and more.  Take a look!

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Delinquency Management

Effectively managing receivables is important to the long-term health of education institutions. View this brief video to see how TMS takes a proactive approach to help you manage delinquency at your school.

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Payment Portals

Payments Made Easy

Our payment portals allow your school to accept online payments without having to make a significant investment in an electronic payment system or software package. View now and see how easy it can be!

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