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About Holy Names University

Holy Names University (HNU) was founded by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary in 1868 on the shores of Lake Merritt. In 1957, the campus was moved from Lake Merritt to a wooded, sixty-acre site in the Oakland Hills. An academic community committed to the full development of each student, Holy Names offers a liberal education rooted in the Catholic tradition, empowering a diverse student body for leadership and service in a complex world.*

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Status Quo:

For many years we managed our Title IV refunds in house, cutting check after check and going along with our status quo process.   We were reluctant to outsource due to the amount of time, expense and IT resources needed to change and implement with an outside vendor.  However, in hearing more demands for choice and considering the ever-present risk of fraud involved with checks, we decided to explore the options.  We chose to work with TMS primarily because we learned that our perceptions about a third party implementation were not really barriers at all!  Not only were our concerns about cost, time and effort overcome but we are now able to offer our students a choice of direct deposit, prepaid card or check. 

At the same time we enhanced our refunding methods with TMS, we decided to also implement their ecommerce product. With the implementation of online payment portals we are now able to accept tuition payments online which was a convenience not previously offered to our students and families.  With PCI DSS compliant payment portals, we are now offering the best in both convenience and security to our students and their families.

More Change

Shortly after having our new refunding and payment portal solutions in place, we learned that our payment plan provider had been acquired by another company.  Realizing that we were going to be forced into more change, we wanted to consider all of our options and once again, we decided to partner with TMS.  Because we were a little short on time with this vendor change and did not want to cause any significant disruption to our students, we implemented payment plans on the TMS legacy system with the intention of planning to integrate and move to their Student Account Center one day.

 “There were no surprises, TMS met and exceeded our expectations.”  Liz Aswegan, Student Accounts Manager

The TMS Student Account Center has provided us with:

  • 24/7 Real Time Integration with our Blackbaud SIS
  • Greater process efficiencies than ever before
  • The ability for students to invite authorized users into the process to help manage their balance due in a FERPA compliant method
  • The opportunity for all stakeholders (student, their authorized users, our staff and TMS call center staff) to view the same information
  • Robust self service options

“One year later we were in full swing implementation for system integration and the TMS Student Account Center.  Our dedicated implementation specialist did not miss a beat.  We did not even need to take notes during meetings as a full follow-up email was sent after each conference call presenting a well organized timeline of next steps and who was responsible for what.  The implementation was very well executed!”

Liz Aswegan, Student Accounts Manager

Looking to the Future

We are always looking for new opportunities to provide a better experience to our students, families and staff. That's why we're excited to learn that families can now consider the benefits of the industry -- leading Tuition Protection Plan -- right within the TMS Student Account Center.

The Plan -- offered by Allianz Global Assistance in partnership with GradGuard -- is a simple, affordable option for families who want to extend and expand the scope of our refund policy. It brings them additional peace of mind and financial protection in the event withdrawal becomes necessary for unexpected reasons.

With no cost or administrative impact on the University, this option also offers important institutional benefits: Reducing the burden of managing refunds; improving cash flow; and potentially improving student retention.

While change is difficult to consider, we are pleased to offer a more real time student account experience today – which better equips our students to manage their account with both accuracy and efficiency.

It is gratifying to realize the true benefits of transitioning from the Status Quo to Empowerment!





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