At TMS we strive to exceed the needs and expectations of all of our customers.

We measure ourselves based on the success and satisfaction of our schools.  We truly believe there is no higher compliment than some kind words from our existing customers, and therefore we are proud to share the following testimonials:

Caldwell University, Nancy Cummings, Bursar

“At Caldwell University, delivering high-quality customer service continues to be a top priority.  Partnering with TMS to deliver flexible payment plans as well as online payment options has enabled us to find creative ways to finance the cost of education.

The recently introduced “Intelligent Rate” provides families a fully TRANSPARENT  experience when choosing which online payment type to use.  They can choose a more cost-effective payment method, such as EFT or Debit Card; or decide which credit card works best for them.  The choice is theirs. 

At Caldwell, more families are choosing the Debit Card and EFT option, at a savings of 53.6% over the standard flat fee format.  With the ever-increasing cost of higher education, helping students and families save money on transaction fees is a win-win situation.”

Marian University, Alice Shelton, Director of Business Services, on Intelligent Rate

"Customer service at Marian University always includes options for students and families. Intelligent Rate is truly an example of both. It is simple and clear for our payers. They enter their credit card information, see the fee and other lower cost options, and then submit payment.

Families win because they feel some control over the fee they pay, and our student body wins because merchant fees are not passed on to the population as a cost of doing business for Marian University. This option helped Marian University make a difficult business decision more palatable to our customers."

Kansas City Art Institute, Roberta Bowles, Finance Assistant

"KCAI recently implemented the TMS Student Account Center with single sign on making ALL payment options readily available to students and families once logged in. No more waiting for an appointment to 'discuss' payment(s). Families could instantaneously review their account and chose the option that best fits their needs. Once a payment is made in full or they enrolled in a payment plan all transactions come right into Jenzabar via real time integration. Now, I simply pull a weekly disbursement report, match the daily batches to the reports and post - no more line by line, student by student entry reconciliation - an incredible time saver!"

University of New Haven- Marc Maniatis, Director of Student Accounts and Risk Management

Real time integration has greatly improved our payment plan.  Since implementing real time integration between TMS and our Banner system we no longer have outdated and confusing information  being shared between our office and our students.  Real Time data has been an essential  time saver and the smoothness of implementation for this feature was both easy and fast.  We will soon be moving our office model to a One Stop Student Service model  and real time data will remain a foundation for providing an exceptional customer experience.

Kent State University-Stina Olafsdottir, MPA

"Kent State University has been a long time payment plan customer with TMS, and recently upgraded to implement Real Time integration with our Banner SIS.  This integration initiative has enabled TMS to administer all payment plans to all populations with no system delay – TMS data is now mirrored in our Banner system with great accuracy.  The implementation was completed faster than we expected and by far the easiest implementation we’ve ever experienced.  Results have been immediate.  We have noticed a significant decline in cashier window traffic, especially around the payment due date, enabling our staff to concentrate on other significant tasks.  Student and parents require less direction and assistance, it is a win, win.  Real Time…. Real Easy….. Real Results!"

Lewis University - Pam Maciulewicz, Bursar

"As our University implemented Real-Time Integration with TMS, I was thrilled with the implementation process. Our project lead, Michael Zuchowski, was amazing- he set schedules, provided a calendar of tasks, and set expectations for our team so that we could meet our own internal goals for the process. Communications with Michael were streamlined and professional. He was happy to answer our questions directly and walk us through any additional training needed.

Additional members of the team (Cristina and Caitlin) were helpful and patient, which encouraged our team to reach out and ask questions when we had them, rather than holding on to them and delaying the project. Knowing who we were working with each time we sent an email or made a phone call really made the job easier for our school.

We appreciate that our Business Development Manager (Scott) came to campus periodically to ensure that all went smoothly and that you know who to contact when we had questions.

We could not be happier with the overall experience of implementing Real Time Integration at our campus and look forward to another smooth implementation of the Refund Solution."

University of Alaska Anchorage - Charlene Robertson, Accounting Services Manager

“The University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) and UAA Community campuses are excited to utilize the TMS Student Account Center (SAC) as an effective tool for both students and staff. The SAC presents a user-friendly view of the student’s balance due by term and allows the bill to be settled in a “one stop” fashion. This is all available via single sign-on through our student portal so that the information is easily accessed within a familiar environment. One of our favorite features is that students can quickly and easily invite their parents/grandparents/spouse or others to gain access in order to get help in paying the bill!  Most important is the fact that the SAC has provided a significant improvement to the student experience as it reflects Banner data in a live and accurate manner. When students and their families have better clarity on the balance(s) due, they are more likely to pay the correct amount which, in turn, reduces the number of inquiries and corrective entries to be fielded by staff. This makes the SAC a “win-win” for both UAA students and staff alike. Last, whenever we’ve requested an enhancement or change, the TMS team has proven to be both responsive and professional in meeting our needs. It gives us great confidence to partner with a company that specializes in – and as a result, truly understands - the unique needs of the higher education industry.”

Loyola University Maryland - Michael Mansfield, Director, Student Admin Services

"As a long time member school of TMS, Loyola University Maryland greatly values the ability to offer as many payment options to our students and families as possible. As tuition costs continue to rise, our partnership with TMS allows us to offer a blend of flexible plans, superb customer service and robust reporting and account maintenance tools—helping us to serve our students and families the way we need to. Our support team is second to none and the marketing services provided at no cost are invaluable. We have researched providing payment plans in-house in the past, but have decided to leave our plans in the hands of the experts."

Brookdale Community College - Michael DeStefano, Manager, Accounts Receivable

"TMS has been an invaluable partner to Brookdale Community College for the last 7 years providing multiple payment options and channels. Working with TMS has significantly reduced the number of students who come to the cashier window, making tuition payment less time consuming and painful. Brookdale has also experienced a large decrease in plan default rates saving us thousands of dollars and many hours of collection effort. TMS is excellent at what they do."

Prescott College - Angie Ridlen, Student Accounts Associate II

"Prescott College utilizes the services of TMS for various products including Payment Plans, multiple Payment Portals and the Refund and Disbursement Management Solution. Each of the products has been set up to truly mirror our school design, branding and business rules. We continue to be impressed by the level of expertise, follow up and guidance provided by the service team at TMS; everyone has been extremely helpful. We are proud to enhance our receivables management process so that it is simple and efficient for students, families and school staff alike."