At TMS we strive to exceed the needs and expectations of all of our customers.

We measure ourselves based on the success and satisfaction of our schools.  We truly believe there is no higher compliment than some kind words from our existing customers, and therefore we are proud to share the following testimonials:

Caldwell University, Nancy Cummings, Bursar


“At Caldwell University, delivering high-quality customer service continues to be a top priority.  Partnering with TMS to deliver flexible payment plans as well as online payment options has enabled us to find creative ways to finance the cost of education.

The recently introduced “Intelligent Rate” provides families a fully TRANSPARENT  experience when choosing which online payment type to use.  They can choose a more cost-effective payment method, such as EFT or Debit Card; or decide which credit card works best for them.  The choice is theirs. 

At Caldwell, more families are choosing the Debit Card and EFT option, at a savings of 53.6% over the standard flat fee format.  With the ever-increasing cost of higher education, helping students and families save money on transaction fees is a win-win situation.”