At TMS we strive to exceed the needs and expectations of all of our customers.

We measure ourselves based on the success and satisfaction of our schools.  We truly believe there is no higher compliment than some kind words from our existing customers, and therefore we are proud to share the following testimonials:

University of Alaska Anchorage - Charlene Robertson, Accounting Services Manager

UAA.jpg“The University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) and UAA Community campuses are excited to utilize the TMS Student Account Center (SAC) as an effective tool for both students and staff. The SAC presents a user-friendly view of the student’s balance due by term and allows the bill to be settled in a “one stop” fashion. This is all available via single sign-on through our student portal so that the information is easily accessed within a familiar environment. One of our favorite features is that students can quickly and easily invite their parents/grandparents/spouse or others to gain access in order to get help in paying the bill!  Most important is the fact that the SAC has provided a significant improvement to the student experience as it reflects Banner data in a live and accurate manner. When students and their families have better clarity on the balance(s) due, they are more likely to pay the correct amount which, in turn, reduces the number of inquiries and corrective entries to be fielded by staff. This makes the SAC a “win-win” for both UAA students and staff alike. Last, whenever we’ve requested an enhancement or change, the TMS team has proven to be both responsive and professional in meeting our needs. It gives us great confidence to partner with a company that specializes in – and as a result,truly understands - the unique needs of the higher education industry.”