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TMS Partners with ScholarChip to help make Campuses “SMARTER”

We hear the moniker “Smart” bandied about a lot today.  Smart Phones, Smart Cars, even Smart Appliances.  What do all of these things have in common?  They all use technology to connect devices to each other and to the physical world.  So what does it mean to have a Smart Campus?  We would suggest it means to connect students, faculty, and administrators to each other and the physical construct of the campus in a way that drives enhanced learning, engagement, accountability, and safety.

Tuition Management Systems and ScholarChip have announced a partnership to provide a data-driven, unobtrusive, integrated technology solution that helps schools achieve their campus safety and retention goals while automating processes and containing costs.

This cloud-based technology solution incorporates tools for ID management, visitor management, physical and door access, automated attendance, inventory and more while integrating into existing systems and infrastructure.  Additionally, the solution can be incorporated into existing network-branded cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) and campus card programs to provide additional convenience for students and streamlined operations for administrators.  

“TMS is pleased to have expanded its portfolio to incorporate technology platforms that help colleges and universities ensure safety, optimize operations, and increase student accountability.  “ 

-Craig Lockwood, Managing Director of Product & Marketing of TMS

“This is indeed exciting news. ScholarChip is a leader in identity, attendance and security applications for the K-12 sector, while TMS has long been a leader in Higher Education student financial services. Working together we will speed the introduction of ScholarChip into Higher Education and provide post-secondary schools with a proven model in campus safety and accountability.”

- Maged Atiya, Chief Technology Officer of ScholarChip



About TMS:

For more than 30 years, our mission has been to help students succeed and help schools prosper.  Initially, we focused on financial solutions that make education more affordable for families while ensuing cash flow and aiding retention for schools.  Now, with security and safety becoming top-of-mind issues for students and their families we are expanding our portfolio to address their concerns and help schools respond to this need.




About ScholarChip

ScholarChip was established in 2000 to provide advanced ASP solutions to education. Since its inception, ScholarChip has focused on providing its growing list of clients with the most advanced web-centric solutions backed by unrivaled client support. ScholarChip is today one of the largest providers of smart card IDs for the K-12 market and also one of the largest providers of payment gateway and electronic signature solutions for the Higher Education community.