Campus Safety & Security


Helping institutions make campuses more secure- financially, operationally, and physically.




TMS and ScholarChip are working together with your campus to provide a data-driven, unobtrusive, integrated technology solution to help schools achieve your campus safety goals, increase retention, automate processes and reduce costs. 


Provide Ease of Use for your Campus

Campuses nationwide struggle find the balance between safety and security on campus and maintaining an open learning environment. Innovative technology, coupled with cutting edge hardware, helps your campuses do just that with minimal interruption to your staff and your students. A Smart Campus uses cloud-based technology to connect students, faculty and administrators together in a way that non-invasive and enhances learning, accountability and safety. 


Creating a unique strategy

We have partnered with ScholarChip, experts in smartcard technology, to provide the tools your institution needs to create a strategy that works for your campus. A Smart Campus (Smartcards, coupled with Cloud computing),  connects the many constituencies of your campus and allows your campus the ability to manage individual or large group attendance, issue Title IV and emergency loan funding with ease, issue smart ID's, and more.

Optimize Operations on Campus

Whether you need Smart IDs, visitor management, secure door access or other tools for campus security, TMS can help you achieve your goals while optimizing the systems and personnel you already have in place. 




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