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At TMS we have you covered. Our e-commerce solution allows your school to accept online payments in a secure and real-time environment. 

Intelligent RateTM

An opportunity to lower the fees associated with credit card payments

Intelligent Rate*is a credit card payment model which provides a calculation of fees based on card type and offers lower cost options, such as a supported debit card or eCheck, when available. This cost-neutral solution to the school offers:

  • Transparency in purchasing
  • Convenient options for selecting lowest-cost purchasing vehicles
  • Compliance and security

Read a testimonial given by Marian University regarding the benefits of Intelligent Rate to their families and students. 

*offered exclusively by TMS through CardX

Make the choice theirs. When presented with lower-cost options at the point of check out, the payer selects the best option for their circumstance: paying a lower fee or accumulating rewards points at the cost of a higher credit card service fee. 

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Online payment made easier

Looking for a way to offer your families the flexibility and convenience of online payments but don’t know where to start?

At TMS, we have you covered. Our Payment Gateway and Portals allow your school to accept online payments without having to make a significant investment. Families can make a payment from anywhere, at any time, for anything (tuition, fees, admissions deposits, donations, etc.), and we do all the work!

Intuitive, user friendly design facilitates ontime payments with an exception click and pay transaction experience. View a demo!

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Sometimes a voice is what they need

Anyone who makes a payment through our Payment Portal can also give us a call if they prefer to speak with a live agent. We are here to answer questions, assist them as they look to make a payment and even counsel them on options to pay the balance due.

It doesn't get any easier than this

With unique storefronts and shopping cart functionality that allow payers to select individual, categorized items for payment, our payment  portals make paying as simple as click-and-pay. Portals also allow for any individual to make a payment on behalf of a student. Most importantly, customer information is safeguarded through full PCI DSS compliance and FDIC insured accounts are used to ensure funds security. With the TMS Portals, making payments is simple, fast and secure.

What are our valued customers saying?

"TMS provides a valuable resource to smaller colleges and universities like Concordia: a streamlined, low maintenance, highly accessible deposit portal that is secure and easy for families to use. If you are looking for a service-oriented enrollment tool that is quick to implement and will provide instant results, I highly recommend TMS and its deposit portal."

- Robert C. Piurowski, Director of Admission, Concordia College

You've got questions. We've got answers.

What is a payment portal?

A payment portal is an online ecommerce system that can accept multiple payment methods including credit cards and e-checks.

Can we customize with school logos or artwork?

Yes, all of our portals are school branded to provide your users with a seamless experience.

How many storefronts can we have, and who is responsible for setting them up?

Our payment portals allow you to set up an unlimited number of storefronts, as needed, to meet the requirements of your school. Examples include: tuition and fees acceptance, admissions deposits, special events, camps, specialized programs and donations.

TMS is responsible for set up. Since all of our products are hosted solutions, TMS handles the heavy lifting for you, requiring minimal effort from your technical resources.

What types of reporting is available?

Multiple reports are available 24/7 through our online administrator portal, including disbursement summary and payment transaction reports. Ad hoc reports are available at any time through your dedicated support team.

Can we customize the fields?

Yes, there are many fields that can be customized, including the ability to offer auto-fill-fields, variable amount fields, suggested fills (used for donation amounts, etc.), labels and data fields.

How often are funds remitted to the school?

We understand that each school’s requirements are different; therefore, we offer several disbursement schedules to accommodate your school’s needs.

How does Payment Portal link to our school’s website?

We will provide a customized web link to embed on any appropriate school webpage. This web link will direct payers to the payment portal. We also provide access to make one-time payments directly through the school’s customized landing page (e.g.,, available to all payers.

What payment methods are available?

Payment methods available are those approved by your school. TMS offers payments through credit cards, ACH deductions from a checking or statement savings account, and international payments. For credit card processing, TMS offers two fee models, allowing the school to pay merchant fees or to pass a convenience fee along to the payer.1  All fees are disclosed to payer prior to submitting payments for processing.

1not available in all states

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